Leaflet distribution works – let us deliver for you!



In this fast moving world, when some of us barely get a chance to draw breath – the letterbox is a constant in our lives, with a massive 87% of people putting time aside to read what’s inside it every day.  As the only medium that puts your message directly into the hands of your target audience, it’s not surprising that more businesses are turning to traditional leaflet distribution.

Personalise it

Personalisation is a way of showing your customers that you remember what they told you and that you know it is important. It goes way beyond getting their name right – that’s a given – tailoring your message  to appeal to your target audience will show potential customers that you care enough to give them individual attention.


We’ve more ways to communicate than ever before now, and in a virtual world, leaflet distribution is still one of the only ways to get a tangible message directly into your audience’s hands. Customise it to suit your audience. Door to door? Business to business? Don’t let your message get lost in the shuffle: Go direct!


You do not need a huge budget to get an effective direct marketing / leaflet campaign off the ground. All you need is something to say and a target market to say it to – we will do the rest.


Lots of research has been done on Leaflet Distribution and 87% of it is read, filed or passed on with one in five responding. With stats like that it doesn’t add up not to use it. (*Source, DMA)  Targeted, Intelligent Leaflet Marketing works! 

Get in touch

Once your leaflet can get through the door and into the hands of your audience, you can send anything you want. Creativity is key, whether it’s a leaflet, card, magazine, menu, flyer or sample.  Think about the different things you’ve received or look at others for some ideas on what’s worked for other companies.  For help putting together a successful direct marketing campaign, or to see how we can help you, browse the site, contact us via the form below,  call us,  or email info@acedistribution.co.uk