Hello. We are tAG.

the Ace Group: Where creative campaign clarity meets on-demand  solutions.. (without the usual price tAG.)

With our fresh approach, we specialise in a  service tailored to suit the needs of each client. Straightforward,  on-demand solutions, without unnecessary fuss.  We are focused on

resultsWe treat our clients as if they were our own business, and we make sure we’re proud of the work we carry out for them.

At tAG, we’ve  an integrated team comprised of staff with bag loads of experience in various disciplines: Marketing, Direct Marketing, Event Management, Print, traditional PR & Communications, Research & Strategy and Delivery/logistics.  We have a proven track record of positive delivery for thousands of businesses.

We believe in collaboration, not just co-operation. We also believe that straight-talking beats egg-shell walking; so there’ll be no complicated processes or hidden costs. (Short-term or long term, we will only ever charge for the work we do.)  Because of this flexible and collaborative approach, we’ve good working relationships with a number of businesses  in Dublin and London.

We work with small businesses, tech startups, brand names,  public bodies, events, attractions and organisations across the country. We pride ourselves on the highest possible levels of service for the keenest possible price.

Feel free to browse the rest of the site, or get in touch directly to find out more: 

E: hi@theacegroupni.com